Monday, October 5, 2009


Here are the accepted artists for Art Quilts XIV: Significant Stitching, and a sneak peek at the image for the promotional postcard. The postcard image, shown above, is "I Spy" by Lora Rocke. It's the perfect balance of message and significant stitching.
Thanks to everyone who entered. This was a very difficult show to judge, for the theme truly spoke to you in your own unique ways. The result is a show with vertical lines (often in the form of trees) a concentration on moving forward and colors to fill a rainbow, yet with a fascination toward black, green and blue. It will be a show that's talked about, to be sure as the works deal with death, loss of job, change and sin and redemption. Then there's the fun factor, too, provided by artists such as Deb Lacativa.
The competition was particularly tough this year, with new participants adding their talents to the challenge. No one should feel bad about not getting in. I can't tell you how hard my job was, and how I miss some of the quilts that didn't make it.

A letter to accepted artists with shipping details will follow tomorrow evening. It will be delivered to individual email addresses.

Again, thank you for a good turnout and a great show.

-- Diane Howell

Art Quilts XIV: Significant Stitching
Artists Roster

Pamela Allen
Pat Budge
Betty Busby
Benedicte Caneill
Lisa Chipetine
Gerrie Congdon
Denise Currier
Marcia DeCamp
Linda Engstrom
Marilyn Gillis
Claire Gimber
Ginny Greaves
Betty Hahn
Marla Hattabaugh
Margaret Hunt
Peg Keeney
Cathy Kleeman
Deb Lacativa
Linda Laird
Eileen Lauterborn
Linda McCurry
A. Munoz
Sylvia Naylor
Sharon Nemirov
Kathy Nida
Marti Plager
Christine Predd
Elaine Quehl
Suzanne Riggio
Lora Rocke
Norma Schlager
Brenda Smith
Mary Ruth Smith
Sarah Smith
Virginia Spiegel
Cynthia St. Charles
Margarete Steinhauer
Carol Suto
Glen Taylor
June Underwood
Barb Wills

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Florence said...

thanks for all your hard work Diane!
looks like it's really going to be a great show...