Sunday, December 14, 2008

This weekend judge Jerry Jacobson and I viewed Art Quilts XIII: Lucky Break so he could select the winners in the judged portion of the show. Jerry is an abstract artist who has long been a fan of the AQ exhibitions, and who enjoys viewing the best the show has to offer. His definition of the best? When the quilting techniques add to wonderful composition and skill.

It is only logical then that he bestowed first place on Sedona III by Marilyn Gillis of Vermont. This marvelous piece displays an expert's control of dyeing techniques in a wholecloth work heightened by quilting and beadwork. It is neither overworked or understated. It is by any definition, just right.

Second place was captured by Linda Colsh of Belgium for Drawing on the Mist (also selected for the promotional postcard).

Third place was awarded to Terri Nichols of Wisconson for Mask of Self, her first entry into a national show.

Congratulations all around!

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