Thursday, November 6, 2008

A new day!

Two years ago (possibly four years ago!), I spoke with a young man working in the arts about how valuable a blog can be. I, former newspaper reporter and ex-president of the Arizona Press Club, could not imagine ever needing a blog. What the world needs to retain, I thought, are focused news sources. How could so many opinions floating around the universe by untrained writers be helpful? Who has the time to write all these thoughts or to read them?

Last week, aol took down our Art Quilts website. I failed to recognize whatever email warned of this impending doom. Suddenly, I found myself in need of a communication update. So, now that Art Quilts XIII: Lucky Break is installed, the name tags are made and a vague awareness is in place that unused white gloves are in my house, I am giving blogging a whirl. People need to see pictures of the opening tomorrow night, and google has made it possible for even a technophobe like me to create this tool.

I still have my doubts if anyone reads these things, gets business from these things or actually needs these things, despite all evidence to the contrary. But newspapers are disappearing right and left, if not in actuality in presence. The comfort I found in laying out pages, editing copy and working with the professionals in composing and the press room has almost vanished.

Here's to hope for a new day -- and readers!


just me said...

yes blogs are needed.
an editor [who isn't interested in my interests] doesn't get to say what's important for me to spend time on; or what the advertizers might pay for or not;
and i get to read more than partizan politics.

frazzledsugarplummum said...

Most certainly blogs are read although I think people are often too rushed to comment. I have learnt so much from blogs and the comments on them and am thrilled to be a small part of the bigger art community.

Martha said...

Good luck with this amazingly simple way to share information with others! I'm a disappointed also-ran for the exhibit but keenly interested and will vicariously "be there" through this medium. Thanks!

Deb said...

Ah, the print life. A fond memory for me too, I worked in page makeup, filled in for the proofreader and once in a while got to rattle off a little filler for one of the Gannett chains dailies in NY.

Still, blogging is the here and now and you've done a wonderful job! I'll be expecting regular updates.