Monday, August 25, 2014

Venting ... It's a New World Dance Craze

Shall we dance?

All I see in the world today is a dance. But it is an ugly contortion. No swans, no hoe-downs, no cha chas. It is only a mashup of movement intended to cause hurt and pain. Posturing for power is often intricate and choreographed, but almost always cruel.

The last time I wrote on this blog was to reminisce about Neil Armstrong landing on the moon. The careful dance those astronauts had coming down their ladder led to a happy dance on the moon, a great, big, bouncy dance of excitement.

Today I write to lament the state of the world. I am sitting here with my fluffy trio of little white dogs, who are content to just sit with their human mom. I could be content to just soak in their laziness and reside only with their thoughts, which are of breakfast, treats, walks, dinner and hopefully more treats.

But I feel the overwhelming desire to vent.

Vent about death in our streets.

Vent about the physical and economic waste laid by the growing industry of wars around the world.

Vent about how people can't practice their lives and keep to themselves about it.

Vent about how opportunity to act viciously breeds the decision to do so, indeed it ceases all common sense and induces people to BE violence in its purest form.

There is a need for calm. But there is a wave moving around the world, a dark wave that celebrates a lust for power. It is an unbalanced dance so volatile it oversteps its bounds.

I want nothing more than to sit here and not be scared, to skip a step or two with the dogs on a walk. How is that possible when so many toes are being stepped on? I am lucky to be where I am. And for today, that's really all I can say.

Shall we dance? Yes, because there is no other choice. Only the tune is to be decided. Imagine a good one.

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